Find More Of Your Ideal Patients Right In Your Area To Fill Your Schedule With The Power Of The Business Side Of Facebook

Did you know you could get more patients and make more money for your practice with Facebook?  What would an extra 5, 10, or maybe 15 patients a month mean to your practice?  I guess the other way to put it is - did you know most practices are losing out on making  money and getting more patients because they are not using the Facebook the right way?

How?  Part of that is really understanding what Facebook is and what it isn’t.

Most people think Facebook is:   A bunch of selfies, vacation pictures, recipe swapping….  And a total waste of time for office?

Well honestly, all those are partially true.  But Facebook is so much more, and most businesses (including dental practices) haven't even begun to see the tip of the iceberg on it's full potential:  a revenue generator.

Join The Total Patient Facebook Marketing Machine Program for Dental Offices

Only $797 (One Payment) or 2 EZ Payments of Just $418.50/each

The Patient Facebook Marketing Machine fills the voids and gets you more patients.

Here's the twist with Facebook...

Facebook is a social media source where billions (with a 'B'!) of people are actively interacting with others, not just daily, but multiple times a day... while at home and at work, day and night, weekdays and weekends.  They are logging in from their desktops and mobile devices.  They are what we call 'passionate users' and that's good news for you.

To put it another way - it is a direct line of communication with instant access that you could be harnessing to get your ideal patient!

Now the secret that most people don't realize is that Facebook is a HUGE database of your ideal patients that you have full access to IF you know how to do it.  Facebook knows all kinds of things about their users that no one else does.

They know their users' preferences.  Not just from the information they voluntarily submitted when they signed up, but also from their behavior.

They're able to analyze their choices of friends, posts they have liked or commented on, pages they have visited (on and off of Facebook) to build an avatar.  Facebook does this by watching them and taking meticulous notes.

Do you also know Facebook's database is cross referenced with the 3 big credit bureaus?  SERIOUSLY it's true!

It also knows things like the type of home they have and puts them into categories like "Children First", which are high income earners with families, or "Clubs and Causes", which are retired seniors 60-70 that have owned their homes for a long time, who live in established suburbs with upper level incomes who invest in their health care.

SO...before you freak out and feel totally violated, think about it from the other position.

How beneficial would it be to your dental office to be able focus on and find the right patients for your practice?

Wouldn't you just love to have your marketing message in front of people who are perfect for you?

Isn't that what we are all striving for in the first place?

Do any of the patients you are trying to attract happen to be groups like families or those seniors who have a need for good health care, and would you love to be able to get in front of them?

I bet there is a strong possibility the answer is a resounding 'YES!'

How To Turn Facebook Into Your Patient Attraction Machine

Facebook and its vast reach gives you access to information, tools, and resources that you can use locally for your business.


    Be able to find your target patient, pick them out from the crowd, and market your dental practice directly to them where they already are.


    Easily and quickly create targeted Facebook ads that patients love so they will click or call.


    No need to master the Internet if you don’t want to.  Step-by-step instructions to follow like a recipe of what to do (and what NOT to do).


    What is a dental practice without patients?  Study up on social strategies and how to get and keep more patients.


    Once reserved for only BIG BUSINESS, these techniques are not being used by most dental practices because they have not known about it….until now.


    Ability to market to 3,4, or even 10 different target audiences at a time if you want to with precision and accuracy.

The Patient Facebook Marketing Machine is your complete package to practice in the modern Social Media age about the TRUE POWER OF FACEBOOK.


Everything in this training system is delivered electronically with videos, downloadable guides, instructions, and reports.  You have 100% online access 24/7.   I give you screen shots and live video examples where I walk you right through the process.  You get total access to all this with everything delivered right to you at any computer or mobile tablet.  No waiting by the mailbox for a big box to clutter up your office.

I know you are busy.  So, I know you need to delegate this to a key person in your office.  And I know you want to make this easy.  With the digital delivery of this training system, you can give your key team members access to the training, too, with the hassle of losing anything important.

Let's Look Inside The System 

(Click the module button for more details)

    Introduction Module:  The Big Picture Facebook is so much more than posts about puppies and recipes.  The real power is it’s massive insight and data collection.  This information is your targeting tool as well as patient insight to fine tune your marketing and attract more patients.  This was recorded LIVE to a group of marketing dentists.

    Checklist:  Ad Creation I have provided you with a checklist to reference when creating your Facebook ad.  In the video I will walk you through each item on the checklist and tell you how to fill in the information.

    Custom Audiences Here I walk you through importing lists to Facebook and how to create a custom audience for your ad to ensure you get the most optimized, precision targeting you can.

    Launching Your Ad:  Power Editor  In this module I show you step-by-step how to create ad to multiple different target audiences without hurting your Facebook Page using the Power Editor tool in Chrome.

    Audience Insight:  Research and Targeting In this Module, I show you Facebook’s powerful tool that provides more insight about your existing patients and prospective targets.  By understanding more about their demographics, value system, and preferences you can fine tune your marketing towards your target audience and get improved results.  Also, with the addition of custom audiences, you can upload your patient pool and research their preferences to gain new insight and focus for the people you already treat so you can improve your marketing for this audience.  Improved marketing increase case acceptance and retention.

    Creating Your Graphics and Other Resources  In this module, my assistant Tiffany pulls back the curtain and gives you the insider access on how we create all of our graphics and social media content posts.  Giving our resources we use on a weekly basis so you can create a professional Facebook marketing campaign (as well as, use in your other marketing designs).  This was recorded in front of a live audience.


    Local Awareness Ad Targeting One of the biggest tools in your toolbox is being able to attract people who live or work near your office.  Convenience is a key factor in purchasing decisions.  So, by being about to present ads only to people within a certain distance of your practice, you will be able to test your marketing efforts precisely and adjust accordingly to increase your ads.

    And I didn't stop there.  I also added 4 PRACTICE POWER BOOSTER "EXTRAS."

    What You Will Be Able To Create With Your Training

    It's important to get solid training and materials.  But the most important thing is what you're going to be able to create with those tools and resources.  So, here's a short list of some of the results you will be able to accomplish once you complete the full program.

    • Consistently Get Patients From Facebook EVERY MONTH

    • Clarity On Who To Target and HOW

    • Repeatable Tools For Your Patient Attraction Aresenal

    • Direct Communication Tool That Patients Welcome

    • Fill Your Empty Chair Time With Receptive Patients

    • Ability to Dominate Your Area On The Facebook Front

    What People Are Saying About

    The Patient Facebook Marketing Machine

    “I like Ginger’s hands-on approach, I think it’s very important.  It’s more of a student/teacher approach and I can relate to that and learn from that.  (Her videos are) super great, and I’m learning a lot from them.

    Without Ginger’s program, it would have taken a lot more time to figure it out on our own.  I don’t think I would have had the initiative to go as deep as we’re going.  Instead of tip toeing, we were able to dive in.  It has been very, very helpful.  If you have a question, you can’t find elsewhere, you can find those specific answers in the program.”

    - Dr Fred & Betty Ann Van Istendal, Marlton, NJ

    The program is super easy to navigate.  I love the step by step aspect and the videos.  Even with me, I’ve done quite a bit of ads but its still nice to have the videos to go back and look at as a refresher.

    You don’t know what you don’t know, so you have to have somebody show you.  I’ve picked up different bits and pieces from other people but you really have to have one person working with you.  And Facebook changes the game every couple weeks or month so you have to have that new knowledge or you’re going to be left behind quickly.

    So anybody that’s in the novice or early stages of Facebook I think it would be a great help to them.

    - Katrina Rice, Cedar Rapids Smile Center

    FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

    (Click the question below to get your answers)

    How long will it take me to get through your program?

    The Facebook Marketing Machine program is entirely online and self-paced.  I design all my programs with busy Dentists in mind and that is the beauty of this course.  You can’t fall behind because it’s all self-paced.

    Do you offer a refund or guarantee?

    Yes, full details of my "Guaranteed To Work If You Do The Work" guarantee is detailed below.  This program is only for serious students.  I’m going to be frank – if you tend to be a wishy-washy customer, this program is not for you.  We are looking for serious, ‘get-getters’ who are really going to work through the entire program and give it their all.  If that isn’t you, no hard feelings here.  🙂

    How long do I have access to the program?*

    You will have access to the Patient Facebook Marketing Machine and the Private Facebook Group for the life of the program.  So that means as long as this an active program in our arsenal that we are continuing to service and sell, you will retain your access to both the Private Facebook Group Page and the Patient Facebook Marching Machine Program.

    How is the Facebook Marketing Machine program delivered?

    The program is delivered entirely online.  Upon enrollment you will receive log-in access information, so you can be ready to get started in minutes.

    Obstacles That Can Hang You Up

    And How To Overcome Them

    "Social media confuses me."

    Social media can be CONFUSING!  That’s why I broke it into a system in the Patient Facebook Marketing Machine.  We are focusing on the ‘business’ side of Facebook to hone in on your ideal target patient group.  I walk you through the process step-by-step.  I ask you a question, and I help you answer it.  Each step builds like a piece of a puzzle until we complete the whole thing.

    I always ask my team, “How do we eat an elephant?”  The answer is one piece at a time, of course.  That’s how we approach Facebook marketing in this program.

    "I'm too busy right now."

    I totally understand.  Life and business are coming at all of us at a fast pace.  I know your time is precious and I know it is also in short supply.  That’s why I designed this to be a self-paced course.  You have access to it 100% online 24/7 so it works with YOUR schedule. And because it’s online, you (or your team!) can access it from any computer at your convenience, at your pace.

    "I'm just a team member.  What can I do?"

    As a dedicated team member (thank you for what you do for the practice and the patients!), your doctor relies on you.  You are an integral part to any practice’s success.  I designed the Patient Facebook Marketing Machine so, as a team member, you can fully implement any of the steps on behalf of the practice.

    I’ve gotten quite a few messages from team members lately who strongly feel their practices could benefit from a stronger Facebook marketing presence and believe the Patient Facebook Marketing Machine program could be POWERFUL to grow the practice. But since they aren’t the doctor/owner of the practice, they aren’t quite sure what the next step is.

    Full disclosure here:  I know for me, when I was in trenches of dentistry every day, I was a hardheaded dentist sometimes (okay, A LOT OF THE TIME!).  I was so busy working in the practice I didn’t always see the value in what my team was trying bring to me to work on for the practice.  I thought we could deal with that later.  But later was too late in many cases.

    Your doctor needs you to speak up!

    Go and talk to your doctor.  Tell him or her that you know this is a valuable tool for the practice.  Tell him that you will take on this responsibility completely and he can depend on you to implement it.  If he sees you are serious, he will appreciate your recommendation.  Go through the program information on this page.  Discuss it together.  And say, “I know this will be great for our practice” and then join right away.

    You got this!

    "I'm not sure who I should be targeting?"

    Because Facebook has such a database of users, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips.  Not only do we know the usual demographic data, we also have access to their preference, lifestyle, hobbies, personal connections, and behaviors like never before.  We explore all that while researching your area during the Audience Insight module to give you intel like you have never had before.  Then, we use that in determining who to target and HOW.

    "I've not worked very much on my Facebook page.  I will have to start all over."

    Here’s the good news, no you don’t!  We can take what you’ve already started, and improve and build on it from there.  Because Facebook is a living dynamic virtual world, we can grow your part of it by implementing steps and strategies that strengthens your position.  And to start marketing on Facebook, all you need to have is a 100 Page 'Likes' (and if you don’t have those yet, we can get them quickly) and then you are off to the races.

    The great part of this program is, it is a process of steps.  You can jump in at any stage, from beginner to pro, and create your own results.

    money back logo

    My Personal 'Guaranteed To Work If You Do The Work' 30 Day Guarantee

    I stand behind my programs because I know  what they can do for a practice that truthfully and honestly applies the principles.  This program was created with what I have been teaching my Private Top Tier Clients in their practices so I know it will work for you.

    “You’re making a risk-free investment because there’s a complete money back guarantee. My money back guarantee is perhaps unlike what you’ve experienced before. It’s meant to give you big action and results. Why? Because I believe in Personal Responsibility and I have a low tolerance for excuses.

    Please know this about me (and I hope you can respect me for this):  I give an unbelievable amount of value in everything I offer. In fact, my students and clients all say the same thing, “Ginger, you always deliver so much. I’ve never gotten this much content or this much value before, anywhere!”

    That said, I want this program to work for you, just as much as you want it to work for you. That’s why you have the option to take me up on my “make-you-happy-money-back, all-the-risk-is-on-Ginger” guarantee.

    Now, for some crazy reason, if you’re one of the only people who’s not getting results from it, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase date and I’ll give you a full refund. That’s my guarantee and you have my word on it. (Yes, really!) That’s my promise.

    I also believe that a guarantee is a two-way street.

    The guarantee I offer is conditional and based on not only what I do but on what you do to get results. If you ask for your money back, I will ask you for your completed assignments. I want to see everything you’ve done, see your Facebook marketing campaigns,  and I want to know that you went through the program not half-heartedly, but in earnest, with commitment and dedication.

    I want to see that you went through your materials in a timely manner, that you did your assignments fully, you completed all the videos, filled out every form, and created and used the actual marketing strategy campaigns I teach.  I want to see your actual marketing that you completed.   If you can show me all this and that you really worked the program, and if you still didn’t get results, then I will be happy to refund you. It’s only fair.

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    Only $797 (One Payment) or 2 EZ Payments of Just $418.50/each

    Ginger Bratzel DDS

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    A Word From The Creator

    "I love helping practices get patients and keep their schedule full.  Dentists need tools that are 'working now' and the training on how to pull it off, so that's why I created this resource for you to use in any practice.....big or small."

    Facebook is the one of the most powerful tools ANY practice can use to find patients who want, and can afford, your care but no one is using it...that is, until now.  The doctors who implement this straight forward, paint by the numbers, system will be one of the first to secure their areas and jump on the competition to get the patients' attention and keep it!

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